Fitness Journey Questions you need to ask yourself

Questions to ask yourself when starting.


  • What are my goals?
  • What are my lifting / running capabilities?
  • What are my weak areas?
  • What is my caloric maintenance level?


Decide what you want to achieve, If that is to gain muscle or to loose fat you then need to pick something and stick to it then find a plan you help you achieve it.

Before you jump into a plan though its a good idea to find what level you are starting at. Take your first trip to the gym as a reference point, Pick some exercises to do in that week that will help you gage what level you are at and track everything! Its important when trying something for the first time to make sure you research the proper form and technique. You are far better off benching 10KG with proper form than 100KG with bad form. This might seem unintresting at first but starting off doing it right will lead to quicker improvement and will significantly lessen the likelihood of injuries.

When you do this your bound to find weak areas and wether its your legs, back, chest, shoulders or cardio you need to focus more on the weak areas to bring them in line with the rest of your body. You don’t want to be known as the person who skips leg day do you?

The last section is to do with your diet finding your caloric maintenance level is essential to having a healthy diet especially if you want to loose weight. There are a few ways to do this the first and easiest is to monitor your food intake religiously for at about 2-3 weeks.
Weigh yourself every morning and track all calories, If in this time your weight stays much the same and you know you have eaten (Example 2,500Cal) you roughly know your maintenance levels.
So to loose weight or gain weight you can add or subtract from that number. I will link below a great way to track your calories (Its Free)

Our next Blog will focus on consistency and how to keep on track to achieve your goals.


  1. I love tracking my calories on Myfitnesspal & use Mapmyrun to log all my workouts since the two sync together. Great post!

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